Natural Treasures ~ Gallery

A collection of images celebrating the beauty and detail of the natural world, including flowers, foliage, lichen, moss, ferns, trees, insects and Landscapes. Also see the Pinhole Gallery taken with a Bob Rigby 5x4 Pinhole and a homemade Quality Street tin.

Photographs are taken both on colour negative and digitally captured. Both are printed on traditional light sensitive paper by a professional lab, and images taken on negative are hand printed by Jo in her colour darkroom.

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Scottish Landscapes

Perthshire 1

On Black ~ my favourite flowers

a collection available as a book

Garden Flowers

Poppies, Snowdrops, Nigella, Forget Me Not, Hellebores & more

Flower Studies

Tulips, Ranunculus, Grass of Parnassus

Scottish Landscapes

Perthshire 2

Scottish Landscapes

Including Images from Mull, Fife, Angus & the Great Glen


Thread Moss & Cladonia Lichen

Pinhole Images

Glen Etive, Loch an Eilan, Skye & Trees


Mushrooms in Perthshire

Wild Flowers

Wild Garlic, Wood Anemone, Native Bluebells, Daisys, Spotted Orchids, sundew and more

Tropical Waterlilies

from Kew Gardens 2000-2


Cut Flowers

Gerbera, Nigella, Calla lilys ~ Vase Studies

some vibrant & some subtle

Scottish Landscapes

Perthshire 3

Bees, Butterflies and insects

Ferns & Foliage

Frost and wee snowflakes


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