If you are looking for something in particular i.e. plants or colour's, for a more personal selection of images, please contact Jo at jo@jocound.co.uk or 01764 670247

Commissions, commercial work and inquiries welcome contact jo@jocound.co.uk or 01764 670247

Print Sales

e: jo@jocound.co.uk

t: 01764 670247 or m:07931 - 357977

all images hand printed by jo in traditional darkroom

email ref no of image and size required

Postage & Packaging will be calculated for each order.

Payment methods cheque, postal order or bank transfer.


Calendar 2020

Images taken in the Perth and Strathearn area

except February taken on Skye

Print Sizes approx

3" x 4"

6" x 4"

8" x 6"

7" x 9"

7" x 9"

10" x 12"


Larger sizes

Mount Size

10"x 8"

10"x 8"

12" x 10"

12" x 14"

12" x 16"

20" x 16"

20" x 16"




£12 - £15



£25 - £30

£60 - £65

£65 - £75

on request

Cards £3 each

Notebooks ~ A7 ~ £ 2.50 each

Notebooks A6 ~ £ 3.50 each

Coasters ~ £3 each or 4 for £10

Postage & Packing applies


Orders to: jo@jocound.co.uk



Fine Art Hand Prints

Original photographic prints are supplied mounted and signed. Mounts can be cut to size if you already have a frame. Each print taken on film has been hand printed in a traditional darkroom and hand finished by Jo to a high standard. Digitally captured images are printed by professional lab Loxley Colour on light sensitive tradtional photographic paper to the highest quality.

Image size from 2.5in x 4in up to 20in x 24in, larger prints available on request.

Prices range from £10 - £300.


Image Restoration £35per hour

Repairing old photographs that are torn and have straches. Scans £5 and Retouching charged by the hour. See commercial for examples at bottom of first page.


B&W Developing and Printing Services also available, click here for more details. If you find an old colour or Black & White film I can develop it for you! I have had results from film that has been shot 50years ago, totally amazing durablity. If the film is very old colour process, it is only possible to get a B&W negative, I have done this with good results.



Due to Covid19 group workshops are not running.

One to One workshops are available and will conducted following the guide lines at the time.

One Day Sunday Photographic workshops £85per person ~ maximum 4 people.

Improve your image making skills with a One Day Sunday workshop. Each workshop will be looking at Close Up Photography or Landscape Photography, offering tips on the specific area with technical help and hands on advice about using your camera and getting better images. Depending on the time of year there will be lots of interesting things to photograph, including Bluebells, Butterflies, Flowers, Fungi, Heather on the hills and the beautiful Autumn colour. A special Sunday workshop making Cyanotype prints and making a Pinhole Camera and then taking photographs.

Price £85 to be paid on booking to secure your place. Bookings and enquiries: E-mail : jo@jocound.co.uk or Tel: 01764 670247 or 07931 - 357977


One to One Photography Workshops £ 300 for 2 days ~ £180 for 1 day ~ £100 half day

For individuals who want dedicated time on a one to one level to learn more about their camera and how to get the most out of it. All levels welcome! Beginners or more experienced photographers will find this a beneficial refresher to help perfect their skills. Each workshop is individually tailored to your needs. Dates to suit. Contact jo on 01764 670247 or 07931 357977 for more information. Gift Vouchers Available please contact by email


Adobe Photoshop Training from £35 per hour one to one

Get to grips with this amazing digital imaging programme. Learn the basics about resolution, getting the most out of your raw files, scanning, retouching and using layers. Jo has been training individuals and teaching Photoshop at College and Universities for over 20 years and knows the programme well. Please Contact Jo E-mail : jo@jocound.co.uk or Tel: 01764 670247 or 07931 - 357977

One to One workshops are available and will conducted following the guide lines at the time.

Darkroom workshops not running.

Printing B&W £40 per hour ~ one person only.

Fancy a day in the darkroom? Jo is an experienced photographic printer of over 20 years and can help you get started. If you need to know the basics or if you want to refresh your skills. Materials provided, charged on usage or bring your own. Film development, contact sheets, printing from B&W and/or Colour Negatives making enlargments.



Picture Library

If you are looking for specific plants or colour's please contact Jo for a more relevant selection.

Images from the Library and Galleries are available for use. They will be supplied as transparency or high quality digital files.

E-mail : jo@jocound.co.uk or Tel: 01764 670247 or 07931 - 357977

Price guide for Single use only in UK for magazines:
1/8 page £ 30
1/4 page £ 50
1/2 page £ 75
full page £ 125
double - page spread £ 220
cover £ 275

All images to be credited © Jo Cound