Photographic prints from Negatives of any format 35mm, 120, 127 and 5x4 and glass plates.

With over 20 years experience in the darkroom, each negative is individually hand printed to achieve the best possible print
by making adjustments to contrast range, dodging/burning, cropping to specific instruction.Split Grade printing for difficult negatives.

All adjustments are individual to each negative


Resin Coated Hand Prints
Modern paper with plastic light sensitive coating, available in Matt or Gloss finish. Print sizes from 7x5 inches - 20 x 16 inches. Prices on request



Fibre Based Hand Prints
Traditional Archival paper with exceptional tonal range and longevity

Some Specialist paper available and other papers on request. Print sizes from 10x8 inches - 20 x 16 inches. Prices on request

Found an old camera with a film inside?? Why not see if there is anything on there......
The Results from Baby Brownie c1950 - 60s  
My favourite shot No7 taken from a Kylesku Ferry - which is in Assynt, the mountain in the background is Quinag. The sign says Free to all Traffic, I can't make out the rest!  

Frame No 5  
Frame No 6  
The last frame No8 shows some kind of a well, there is not enough info on the negative to see what it says on the plaque, but I really love the kettle on the side and the car door.  
New shots taken with the Baby Brownie when visiting Tiree in July 2015  
Black House © Jo Cound 2015  
Balemartine © Jo Cound 2015  
Croft at Balemartine © Jo Cound 2015  
Homage to the Kylesku Ferry, Homeward bound © Jo Cound 2015  

If you would like to discuss any film or print work please contact Jo on

01764 670247 or 07931 357977 or email




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