Commercial Work ~ 2 ~

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All images ©Jo Cound


Images taken for Janet Jephcotts catalogue 2003/4


Images taken for Practical Crafts magazine

sept/Oct issues 2001

Images used to promote the shows 2001 and 2003. Used on show guide, leaflets, posters and the company letterhead (left image)
  Commissioned to make new images for Birmingham City Council for the Parks in the area

Calla lilies © jo cound

Photofolio Gallery Leaflet '99


Images used on covers and several articles about exhibitions and workshops. May 1999 - to date


image on left in article was used on Co-op loo roll packaging in 2000

Above and right images used to promote the Art of Living Craft Fairs at Cabbages and Kings garden in Sussex.

Shows organized by The Kilvert Gallery