Enshrine an exhibition commissioned by The Orange Studio/Seeing the Light partnership.
July 05- Jan 2006

Open 9.30 - 5.30

Monday - Saturday

The Orange Studio

CannonSt, Birmingham


From July 05 - Jan 2006

Large Scale images made by ICL Imaging Stirchley, Birmingham. Small selection of hand prints by Jo

Enshrine ~ protect, preserve and cherish

Without plants, there could be no life on earth. Amazingly some species have survived from prehistoric times, such as Ginkgo Trees , ferns and horsetails. Plants are imperative to life, they give us oxygen and are used for food, buildings, fuel, medicine and in to enhance our live in decorative designs. The Sacred Lotus leaf has waterproof qualities that have been imitated/embraced in production of outdoor clothing. The foxglove, although poisonous, has been used for centuries as medicine for people with heart conditions. Even in Architecture the giant Water lily leaf (Victoria cruziana or amazonica) lent its strong structure to the construction of The Great Exhibition Hall of 1851.

Plants hold much power, wisdom and beauty. They stimulate our senses, many are aromatic, flowers show an abundance of pure and vibrant colour, some grasses such as bamboo make wonderful sounds in the breeze. There are hundreds of different textures to be touched. A study was made in a hospital with a ward of patients, half of them had a garden view, half had building in view. The half with the garden view recovered significantly quicker than those without. Plants affect our life and are very important in the cycle of nature.

I have an innate passion for all things that grow, from the smallest bit of moss to ancient old trees. Nature has always been my inspiration in life. In particular I am drawn to the intricate details and colour of flowers. These parts of a bloom are often overlooked, I aim to capture the essence and beauty of my subjects and show the viewer a new way of looking. Stop, look and begin to appreciate the magic of nature. Whether in your back garden, walking in the wilds, looking in your window box or wondering on a grass verge, take a moment, absorb yourself, and be enchanted by the multitude of the natural world around you. This exhibition is a celebration of all magnificent living plants.