Crieff Visitor Centre ~ Drovers Restaurant


Images of the local Strath were blown up to wall size panels and installed behind the serving counter, with a selection of individual framed prints around the restaurant



This image was taken from ‘the ibert’ on the Monzie Estate. A fantastic viewpoint looking down Strathearn. There is a layby on the Sma Glen Road, A822 where you can stop which gives you a very similar perspective. I used an MPP Field Camera, which is a Large Format film camera and takes negatives that are 5 x 4 inches, see pic below. I am holding the darkslide in my hand which has the film inside (see below). Three seperate negatives were taken to provide enough information for each panel to be blown up to 11.5ft x 4ft behind the serving area.


The Avenue of beautiful beech trees
was taken along Lady Mary’s Walk on a Mamiya C220 which is a twin lens Medium Format and uses roll film


The images around the restaurant were taken on a mixture of film cameras and a Digital SLR: Innerpeffray Library - MPP Field Camera, Interior at the library with chair & books - DSLR, Drummond Castle - MPP Field Camera, Gate with Lichen at Fowlis Wester - DSLR, Unfurling Ferns - DSLR, Straw Bales & Melville Monument Comrie - DSLR, Autumn Larch at The Knock - DSLR and Derelict Croft and Ash Tree at Fowlis Wester - DSLR. See images below.

Images available at various sizes from £40 - £300 please contact me on 01764 670247 or

Innerpeffray Library

Reading Room

Innerpeffray Library

Drummond Castle

Gate & Lichen

Fowlis Wester

Unfurling Ferns

Hay Bales &

Melvilles Monument ~ Comrie

Derelict Croft & Tree

Fowlis Wester


Autumn Larch

The Knock ~ Crieff